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Divided Web Site
Breaking Up the Web Site

Sometimes you need to divide a single web site (with a single domain), placing parts of it on different servers. This can be done very easily using OctaGate Switch.

The Path/Document Determine the Server

OctaGate Switch can use the path of the HTTP request to determine which server to forward a HTTP request to. For instance, www.Domain-A.com can be forwarded to one server, www.Domain-A.com/shopping can be forwarded to another server, and www.a.com/support can be forwarded to a third server. This can be very useful, if a certain service is available under Apache, but you prefer another web server for the rest of your site(s).

Simple Load Balancing

This method can quite effectively be used as a simple form of load balancing. You can place resource intense parts of a web site on a separate server, leaving your main web site running nice and smooth.

For instance, if your regular web site contains static pages, you may not wish to mix that with your active server pages, like a shopping site.

Web Services

It can also be extremely useful if you publish web services, and they need to be placed on different servers but maintain a single consistent external address. See SOAP web services maintenance for more information.

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