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SSL Frontend / SSL Accelerator

(SSL support is only available in OctaGate Switch Enterprise Edition)

OctaGate Switch as an SSL Frontend
  • SSL Acceleration improves site performance by reducing the load of the main server
  • Add SSL encryption to almost any website
  • Simplify SSL deployment

OctaGate Switch can act as an SSL Frontend, allowing you to add SSL / HTTPS to any web site or web service you like. It can help you reduce the load on your regular server, since SSL can be fairly CPU intense.

SSL works with all other OctaGate Switch features, such as Load Balancing with Failover, and HTTP Compression, adding server capacity, reducing bandwidth and adding SSL support.

We have several demos demos of OctaGate Switch running as an SSL Frontend here.

Outlook Web Access

OctaGate Switch has been successfully been deployed as an SSL Frontend for Outlook Web Access. It allows you to easily add SSL capabilities to your web based mail. You can read more about that here.

Free Trial

OctaGate Switch comes with a free 21 day trial license (which can be extended), so don't hesitate, evaluating OctaGate will not cost you anything! Click here to download OctaGate Switch.

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