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SOAP Web Services Maintenance
Migrating SOAP Services

OctaGate Switch will let you easily move your web services between different internal servers without confusing users. Users can keep calling the same addresses without regard to where the services are actually placed. OctaGate Switch will forward their requests to the right server. This is different from redirect, because it will appear to the client that it's communicating with the internal server.

Protect Your Server From Development Services

For instance, services that are in development can be placed on a debug server, so they canít cause the main server to stall. But to your users, it will look like the service is always placed on the main server. When the web service is considered to be of production quality, you can easily migrate it to your main server and update your OctaGate Switch settings. Your users will never know the difference. You don't even have to restart OctaGate Switch to update your configurations.

Separation of Services and Sites

OctaGate Switch also makes it very easy to separate your web server from your web services, placing them on different machines. That way, they canít interfere with each other.

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