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OctaGate Switch Web Administration Support

VIA Web Administration

If you have problems setting OctaGate Switch up - or getting it to run properly, we can use your OctaGate Switch Web Administration interface to verify what the problem with your server is. However, we will need you to perform some changes to the OctaGate Switch settings before we can do that.

  • Change the login name and password if you want it to be secret
  • Make sure that in General Settings "No remote admin" is NOT checked
  • Change Web Admin Port to 19721 (which is the default)
  • Make sure that your firewall will let port 19721 through

Now email the information about Login Name and Password, together with a description of your problem to support@octagate.com.

VIA Settings.dat

If you prefer, you can send us your settings file. That way, we can check out that your settings seem ok - but we won't be able to verify that your internal servers are responding as expected. The settings file is located under "c:\Program Files\OctaGate\Data\Settings.dat". You can email it, together with a description of your problem to support@octagate.com.

NOTE: You should never give out a secret password and login name, so you should change it before you send it to us, and then change it again after we have helped you.

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